What Are You Drinking This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is this Thursday! You probably have your menu planned out, but have you thought through which local beers you're drinking? We've got you covered! 

Here are our Calvert Brewing Thanksgiving Pairing Staff Picks:

Matt (Head Brewer) 
Calvert Cream Ale with Oysters Rockefeller. 

Matt's pairing the Calvert Cream Ale with this delicious pre-thanksgiving snack that involves chopped oysters, mixed with bacon, onions, spinach, and bread crumbs, and then baked with butter. Our light, citrusy cream ale goes great with most seafood, but in this case, it also has enough body to stand up to and cut through the buttery richness of this dish. 

Nick (Brewer) 
Good Company Pale Ale with Mom's Green Beans

Try a pale ale with green bean casserole (think french's green beans in a creamy sauce with crunchy onions on top). The Good Company Pale Ale is dry and earthy, making it the perfect companion to green beans. Plus, it's light, citrusy qualities will cut through the thick cream sauce, and it's crisp finish will be perfect with the crispy fried onions! 

Kevin (Director of Finance)
1747 with Harvest Sweet Potatoes

Kevin's home grown sweet potatoes are extra rich and sweet, so he's pairing his sweet potato dish with the 1747 English Ale, a dry, just slightly bitter beer to cleanse your palate between bites. And while this beer is not even close to sweet, it has nutty, raisin, caramel notes that will compliment the flavors of the dish, while still balancing out the sweetness with it's dry bitterness.

Jeremiah (Sales)
Mortal Double IPA with Homemade Cranberry Sauce

What may seem like a David/Goliath food/beer situation, the Mortal Double IPA is actually the perfect compliment to Jeremiah's particular brand of cranberry sauce. And by that we mean, homemade, fresh, juicy and JAM-packed with fruit and spicy goodness. He went with a big, fresh, juicy IPA to match it. 

Kara (Sales)
Wye Rye with Turkey

We're pairing the center-piece of the table with ever-elegant and oh-so-drinkable Wye Rye. Roasted meats always seem to pair well with this smooth, malty beer, and we especially like this pairing because turkey is so unpretentious and simple. We wouldn't want a beer to overpower it's subtle goodness. Plus, with it's peppery Rye finish, this beer is perfect for elevating the simple mix of spices that go so well with turkey. 

Bill (Office Manager)
Route 4 IPA with Sausage Stuffing

Stuffing is arguably the richest and most complex part of any thanksgiving table, and we're going with a big, complex beer to match it. The hops and bitterness of the Route 4 IPA will cut through the fat and grease, while it's malty caramel qualities will compliment the sweeter flavors. 

Joey (Assistant Brewer) 
Milk Stout with Pecan Pie

Maple and pecan...need we say more? 


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