Cans! Glorious Cans!

We are canning up a storm over at Calvert Brewing Company! So far we've had runs with our Calvert Cream Ale and Good Company Pale Ale, with the rest of our lineup debuting by the end of the month. 

Why'd we make the switch to cans? A few reasons: 

- THEY'RE BETTER FOR THE BEER. Canned beers stay fresher longer. They utilize a double crimp seal, plus they don't let any light in.

- THEY'RE VERSATILE. Cans can accompany you on a boat, by the pool, on the trail, and anywhere else where glass is risky. If you're going outdoors, why take anything but a can?

- THEY WEIGH LESS. Cans weigh less, pack better, and take up less space - in your backpack, on the shelf, or on a shipping truck.

- THEY'RE GREENER. In addition to saving weight in shipping, the aluminum can has more recycled content than any other container. Fewer greenhouse emissions. Smaller carbon footprint. Better beer. 

Long story short: Cans are better for the beer, more versatile for you, and more sustainable for the environment. Cans are helping us in Building A Better Beer. 

Calvert Brewing Company
15850 Commerce Ct. Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Phone: 2402454609